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New York Immigration Information Work Permit

H1B Visa

The H1B Visa Program is the official and primary USA work visa/work permit.

The US Government introduced the H1B visa to offer and enable highly skilled International Professionals and/or International Students, from all over the World, the opportunity to live and work in the USA.

The H1B is the most sought after US work visa and US Immigration requires every foreign national to obtain a visa in order to legally work in America.

To Obtain an H1B Visa:

• you must first find an H1B Job with a US Employer (known as your sponsor);
• your Employer files your H1B Visa Application with the US Immigration Bureau.

Note: Individuals cannot sponsor or apply for their own H1B visa. Only your employer can.

To Qualify for the H1B Visa Program, you must work in a 'specialty occupation': Computing & IT, Telecoms, Healthcare, Finance & Accounting, Teaching, Legal, PR, Marketing & Advertising, Sales, Management and Engineering.

An H1B visa is typically valid for up to six (6) years and entitles your spouse (husband/wife) and children to accompany you and live in America.

The initial H1B visa can then be extended one time for up to a combined total of six years.

Other regulatory provisions permit;

• the employer to request a period of less than three years;
• the employee to be employed on a part-time basis;
• the employee to work for more than one US Employer simultaneously.

One of the main advantages of the H1B visa is that it is a 'dual intent' visa which means that you can apply for a Green Card (Legal Permanent Residency).

Required Documentation for H1B visa holder

• High School Diploma (only required if no college level of education has been attained);

• College diplomas (Associate, Bachelor, Master, Ph.D);

• College transcripts/academic records;

• Certificate/diploma of training courses in IT;

• Evidence of licence or professional membership in IT;

• Employment verification in the form of retrospective references (these must correlate with information in CV/Resume);

• Current CV/Resume describing in detail employment history including: name & address of employer, job title, month/year commenced employment & month/year concluded employment, type of business, duties performed, full/part time;

• Identity page in passport plus any pages evidencing current or expired US Visas.

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